Casinhas.Tiago are located at the village of Cristelo, belonging to the municipality of Caminha. In this Village, on the Northern coast of Portugal, in the Viana do Castelo district, over the course of a long time as a strong defense against the attacks of Spanish and French. In today's day and any other attributes that stand out on the Walks and the beaches of the sea and the river, the green mountains, to the traditional festivals, gastronomy, and, of course, in the future.

There are many festivals that fill the streets of Caminha, to the celebrations in Honour of the “Santa Rita de Cássia, Nossa Senhora da Bonança, S. Bento, a Festa das Solhas e a Romaria de S. João D’Arga”. This is the last one, it is well-known for being the party that is truer in the Alto Minho region, where you are in first place, the traditions, the customs, and, no doubt, for the fun of it. Also, the Medieval Fair, it represents a call-to-action tour, in which the streets are full of strangers, and the lively and funny music.